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Employment with Lancaster County & City of Lincoln


The City of Lincoln and Lancaster County offer a wealth of challenging employment opportunities. With about 600 job classifications, the City and County offer administrative, professional, technical, clerical and maintenance positions.

The variety of positions is as wide as the services offered by these local units of government. For example, law enforcement, fire protection, public health, engineering, law, libraries, motor vehicle registration and planning are just some of the areas in which the City and County provide services.

As an employee of the City or County, you'll enjoy many benefits including vacation and sick leave, health insurance, holidays, retirement programs and life insurance. You'll also have the option of using an Employees' Credit Union and an Employees' Assistance Program.

How Do I Know Which Positions Are Open ?

Every Friday after 4:30pm a new listing of current openings is available on the City/County website, and posted every Monday 8:00am to the public in the City/County Employment Office.

You can access the Job Vacancies and apply for jobs on-line


E-Notification is one of many activities the City and County make available. Go to, Keyword: jobs. Click on to e-Notification then click onto MyInterlinc to access your account. Enter your user I.D. and password. If you are "new" to MyInterlinc, click on to "Join Now" to assign yourself an I.D. and password. Record the I.D. and password as you will need to remember them for future access to your application. Applicants are responsible for updating information (E-mail, phone, home address, etc) on the electronic application.
You MUST CHECK the box if you wish to be notified. You may select up to 10 jobs each for both the City and County. Should any of those positions "open" to the general public, you will receive notification by e-mail or by U. S. Mail to your home address. At that time you would need to complete and submit an on-line application and the supplemental questions for each "open" position of interest. To access class code descriptions to better select positions for
City Listing   County Listing

How Do I Apply for Jobs on-line?

Log onto:, keyword: jobs. (And use the same user I.D. and password each time) or click on the following Job Vacancies to view current jobs that are available.

Computers are available at City/County Employment Office at 555 South 10th Street, Room 302, Lincoln, NE to assist in filling out an application and supplemental questionnaire.

Hours are:
    Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
    Or call our Voice Mail at (402) 441-7597.

Applications and supplementals must be completed on-line. Double check your application and questionnaire for accuracy and detailed information. Many applicants miss their chances for an interview due to a lack of detail.

Note: City/County jobs are updated every Friday at 4:30pm. All electronic submissions need to be received by 4:00pm on the closing date of the position. After the 4:30pm deadline, if you are still entering, the electronic file will disappear - NOT SUBMITTED. Allow yourself plenty of time to complete the application and the supplemental questions well in advance of the Friday closing deadline.

Resumes are not part of the application process, however, may be presented at the time of a personal interview.

How Do I Know If I Will Get An Interview ?

The application process usually takes 2-3 weeks from the time the position closes to the time when the department receives the certificate of eligibles to contact for interviews.

The Employment Office screens applications and supplemental questionnaires for each position after the closing date. They review applications and supplemental questionnaires to make sure each applicant meets the minimum qualifications for the job and weigh the remaining questions on the supplemental questionnaire. Those applicants with the highest scores become the top candidates.

The top candidates are referred to the department with the opening. The remaining applicants will receive a letter or e-mail notifying them that they have not been referred.

Why Seek Employment With the City or County ?

For many reasons - job security advancement opportunities, excellent benefits, career : development training opportunities, plus the satisfaction of working with people you like and knowing that the work you do is important to the community.

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