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Equal Opportunity

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is affirmative action?
    • Affirmative action is a tool of inclusion that allows all qualified people to compete fairly. It is a means by which equal opportunity is achieved. The City and County affirmative action policies include such measures as: (1) outreach and recruiting efforts to aid in diversifying the pool of qualified candidates for employment; (2) examination of current policies and practices to identify existing barriers to equal opportunity; and (3) anti-discrimination and diversity training to help retain current diverse employees.
  2. Does affirmative action allow for preferential selection procedures that benefit unqualified candidates?
    • No, affirmative action does not supercede merit-based decision making. It is unlawful to give preference to unqualified candidates in the name of affirmative action.
  3. Does affirmative action allow for quotas?
    • No, quotas are unlawful. Flexible goals may serve as benchmarks by which to judge the effectiveness of affirmative action efforts. Goals are not designed to achieve proportional representation.


  1. What do I do as a city and county employee if I feel I'm being discriminated against?
    • All discrimination allegations should be reported personally, or by a designated representative, to your Department Head, the Personnel Department, or the Affirmative Action Director at 441-3871. Your allegation will be promptly addressed.
  2. Will my allegations be confidential?
    • Your Department Head and/or the Affirmative Action Director will protect the confidentiality of your allegations to the extent possible. However, it may not be possible to conduct an effective investigation without revealing certain information to those who need to know.
  3. What will happen after my Department Head or the Affirmative Action Director investigates my allegations?
    • If the complaint is found to have merit, corrective action, which may entail discipline up to and including termination of the offending employee(s), will be implemented. If the complaint is found to be invalid, all involved parties will be so notified.

Affirmative Action