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Historic Preservation Commission Agenda


The City of Lincoln Historic Preservation Commission will hold a public meeting on Thursday, July 10, 2014. The meeting will convene at 1:30 p.m. in Room 214 in the Development Services Center, 2nd floor, County-City Building, 555 S. 10th Street, Lincoln, Nebraska. For more information, please contact the Lincoln City/Lancaster County Planning Department at 402-441-7491.


July 10, 2014

    Memo from Ed Zimmer

  1. Approval of meeting record of HPC meeting of June 19, 2014.
  2. Opportunity for persons with limited time or with an item not appearing on the agenda to address the Commission.

  4. Application by J-Tech Construction for a Certificate of Appropriateness for work at 6030 Havelock Avenue in the Havelock Avenue Landmark District.

  5. Application by Jon Olsen on behalf of Twin Peaks for a Certificate of Appropriateness for a sidewalk cafe at 800 Q Street in the Haymarket Landmark District.
  6. Application by US Properties for a Certificate of Appropriateness for work at the Grand Manse, also known as the Old Federal Building.

  8. Review and recommendation on draft nomination of Amel Koop House to National Register of Historic Places, 1401 S. 15th Street.
  9. Recommendation on SP14018, reconstruction of a non-conforming structure at 2727 M Street in East Lincoln/Elm Park Landmark District.
  10. Staff Report & Misc.