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Planning Commission Agenda - Going Digital

Online Agenda Tips

If you do not find the information you are looking for on this website, please contact the Planning Department at 402-441-7491 or via email at

Finding your Digital Agenda

Agendas, Minutes, and Briefing Notes are all arranged by Year and Meeting Date on the main Planning Commision page within the Planning Department's website.

Simply Click the + to expand the year and navigate to the appropriate meeting Agenda.

The new Digital Agendas have added direct link capability to the most commonly used and accessed pieces of information related to agenda items. For example:

  • Agenda Item Map
  • Link to the Meeting Record for the previous Commission meeting
  • Direct link to PATS for each Agenda Item
  • Direct link to the Staff Report for each Agenda Item
  • Contact information for the Planner assigned
Full Agenda Packet

The Full Agenda Packet is also available for download by link at the top of each Digital Agenda.

The Full Agenda Packet is in Adobe PDF format and can printed or saved digitally. The Adobe PDF format allows a wide array of digital note taking and markup tools to further enhance the usability of the Full Agenda Packet.

PATS (Planning Application Tracking System) Information

The PATS - More Information link will provide a wealth of infomation for each Agenda Item. PATS allows you to follow the progress of planning applications formally submitted for review to the Lincoln City-Lancaster County Planning Department. PATS provides you with useful information on each planning application. These applications include requests for changes of zoning, special permits, subdivision plats, and amendments to the Comprehensive Plan. This site displays key dates in the review process. For example, PATS gives you the public hearing dates before the Planning Commission, City Council, or County Board for each application.

With PATS you can also view vital documents in the review process. These documents include:

  • The original application
  • Staff reports
  • Site maps
  • Public communicatoins submitted
  • Proposed ammendments