Larry Enersen Urban Design Award

The Larry Enersen Urban Design Award was instituted in 1984 by the Urban Design Committee. Named in memory of the Committee's inaugural chairman, a prominent Lincoln landscape architect and urban planner, the awards are intended to "promote public education and appreciation of urban design: by recognizing outstanding public and private projects".

The Urban Design Committee's Enersen Awards program has operated under three general guidelines:


Award designed by The Clark Enersen Partners
and Metal and Art of Lincoln, Nebraska

  • One or two awards are given annually; if two, they generally recognizing contrasting projects - one public, one private; or one small-scale, one large-scale, etc.
  • Projects are located within the Lincoln city limits.
  • Projects should be completed in the year preceding the recognition, although some projects, such as those involving landscape design or other long-term efforts may require a few years to mature and be recognized as "completed".

In 2013, a jury including several alumni of the Committee was implemented to assist with the Enersen Award process. The jury screens and recommends projects to the Committee.

The Enersen Awards are presented as part of the Mayor's Arts Awards celebration, produced by the Lincoln Arts Council. Further information on the Mayor's Arts Awards can be found on the Lincoln Arts Council website.

The 2016 winner (awarded in 2017) of the Larry Enersen Urban Design Award was "P" Street District Improvements. The P Street District is envisioned in the 2005 Lincoln Downtown Master Plan as a hub of city and civic activity: a retail destination that is active day into night, throughout the year. The Plan also shows P Street as a connector for Downtown from Haymarket to Antelope Valley's Union Plaza Park, including great spaces like Tower Square and Centennial Mall.

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