Development Review

Finance Warranty Bonds

Often times the subdivision process requires improvements that the subdivider is responsible for installing. To insure that these improvements are done correctly and in a timely manner, the City collects sureties in the form of escrows, bonds and cash. These sureties are held by the City until the subdivider has completed the improvement. If the subdivider fails to complete the improvement, the City will collect on the surety and have the improvement installed.

Agreement and Request for Release Forms


How much surety is left for an item in a particular subdivision?

Remaining balance amounts can be found by searching the Finance Warranty Bond database. You may search by project name, developer, or bank name. This gives you access to the most current information available.

Please Note - If you cannot find your project listed within the Finance Warranty Bonds, it does not necessarily mean it has been released. If you do not find your project by searching its name, try searching by the bank or developer name. If you are still unable to find a project that you believe should be listed, please call Missy Minner in the Planning Department at 402-441-6163.

What does the "Scheduled Completion Date" represent?

As set out in the Land Subdivision Ordinance, the developer has either 2 or 4 years (depending on the type of improvement) from the date the plat is signed to complete installation of the improvement. If the improvement is not completed by the scheduled completion date, the status of that item becomes lapsed at which point the City can take steps to use the surety to pay to have the improvements installed.

The scheduled completion date does not represent the date the surety will be released. All releases must be requested from the appropriate department.

How do I get my surety released for street trees or landscape screening?

Check that all of the Requirements for the Release of Landscape/Street Tree Surety Bonds have been met. Complete and submit the Request for Release of Landscape Surety form.

For questions regarding the release, contact Parks & Recreation Forestry Division at 402-441-8267.

How do I get my surety released for private ornamental lighting?

Complete and submit the Request for Release of Private Ornamental Lighting Surety form.

Contact Public Works at 402-441-7548 if you have additional questions regarding private ornamental lighting.

How do I get my surety released for survey monuments?

Have your licensed surveyor or licensed engineer send a letter to Bruce Briney or Michaela Dugan in the Development Services Center certifying the placement of all the monuments and stakes as required by the subdivision ordinance. The Executive Order for release will be started. This takes approximately 3 weeks to process.

How do I get my surety released for sidewalks?

Contact Public Works at 402-441-7548.

How do I get my surety released for street name signs?

Contact Public Works at 402-441-7548. Please remember, you will be billed for street sign installation done by the City. Your surety will not be released until that has been paid.