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County Zoning Regulations

Lancaster County Zoning Regulations Disclaimer

The public information contained herein is furnished as a public service by the Lincoln City - Lancaster County Planning Department. This information may not reflect the most recent resolutions of the County Board and if the resolutions need to be legally relied upon, the most current version may be obtained at the office of the Lancaster County Clerk or the Lincoln Lancaster County Planning Department.

County Zoning Cover and Index

1979 County Zoning Resolution

  1. Purpose and Title
  2. Definitions
  3. Districts and Boundaries
  4. "AG" Agricultural District
  5. "AGR" AG Residential
  6. "R" Residential
  7. "B" Business
  8. (Reserved)
  9. "I" Industrial
  10. Personal Wireless Telecommunications Facilities
  11. Flood Plain District
  12. Non Conforming and Non Standard
  13. Special Permits
  14. Community Unit Plan
  15. Additional Use Regulation
  16. Signs
  17. Additional Height and Area
  18. Special Height and Use Near Airports
  19. Board of Zoning Appeals
  20. Occupancy Permits and Certificate of Completion
  21. Plot Plan
  22. General Provisions, Legislative
  23. Fees