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South Haymarket Neighborhood Plan

South Haymarket Neighborhood Plan Comment Board

12/3/2015 - Alan Huesers:

I would like to recommend that there would be a riverwalk along the Salt Creek from West "O" and eventually stretching to Antelope Valley. It would tie in the Haymarket, ballpark, UNL and the Devaney Center. More retail, residential and commercial space would open up. Examples to look at: San Antonio, Las Colinas and Oklahoma City. (www.cntraveler.com/galleries/2014-08-11/best-river-walks/10)

10/19/2015 - Jim Frohman:

Two suggestions, first the north parking garage should be razed and a new much taller structure should be built. The ground level should house the new bus terminal for downtown and possibly some retail. The extra parking will be needed and the current plan will be inadequate.

Second the south parking lot should be half parking garage and half the new downtown main library. The library building could easily have the additional space proposed in the plan and the new parking garage would service the library, government offices, and neighborhood.

These changes would be more short term in that the library and bus terminal will be needed soon.

7/31/2014 - Eric Hunt:

I like most of the ideas presented here. I think a neighborhood geared at the 25-35 demographic is missing in Lincoln and this would give people in that age group a good chance at living a more relaxed, urban lifestyle. I like the idea of the green space, expanding Arena Dr., making M and N St. one-way streets to match what is east of 9th St, lining 9th St. with trees, and having a courtyard at the end of Canopy St. I also would definitely like to see the protected bike path on N St. come to fruition and to utilize the complete streets philosophy in all street redevelopment.

I do have a few concerns though, both from an environmental and business standpoint. Given that this area was historically in a flood plain, I think it is imperative that a thorough hydrological analysis be completed to ensure that the area will not be under water in a 1 in 10 year rain. Then there is the clean-up of some of the industrial areas in this neighborhood, assuming they move.

Along those lines, I hope that city planners and developers are planning to help Midwest Steel et al. find other suitable sites in the city. There are some vacant buildings on or near Cornhusker Hwy. that might be good alternatives. Just want to make sure that we aren't putting anyone out of business unnecessarily.