City of Lincoln

Metropolitan Planning Organization Officials Committee Agenda



An Officials Committee meeting is scheduled as follows:

DATE: September 27, 2012
TIME: 1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.
PLACE: Room 303, County/City Building

  1. Review and action on the draft minutes of the August 29, 2012 Officials Committee meetings.
  2. Review and action on the Project Selection Task Force recommendations on project funding and programming for the Federal Transit Administration Job Access/Reverse Commute (Section 5316) and New Freedom (Section 5317), programs. Action is to include amending to the proposed FY 2013-2016 Transportation Improvement Program to add these projects and federal funding.
  3. Review and action on revisions to the proposed FY 2013-2016 Transportation Improvement Program.
  4. Briefing on other MPO topics.
    1. MPO Memorandum Of Agreement
    2. Project Selection Process
    3. TIP Administrative Modification for Pioneers Park Trail Renovation
    4. Federal Funding Earmarks Redistributed
    5. National Highway Performance Program (NHPP) under MAP-21
    6. Transportation Demand Management Study
  5. Other topics for discussion.