Lincoln Metropolitan Planning Organization

Technical Committee


Thursday, September 26, 2013
1:30 p.m.
County/City Building, Room 113

Roll call and acknowledge the "Nebraska Open Meeting Act"

  1. Review and action on the draft minutes of the August 15, 2013 Technical Committee meeting.
  2. Review of the Lincoln Travel Options Strategy for the MPO planning area.
  3. The Study
    The purpose of this study is to identify the existing travel patterns in Lincoln, document existing programs that help people better utilize biking, walking, transit and shared ride options. The study explored opportunities to formalize a Travel Options Program to increase the number of people using alternative modes of travel.
    Travel Options Program
    Travel Options Program is to encourage a shift from the single-occupancy automobile to alternative modes by offering other options. These efforts are to be coordinated between the City of Lincoln, the business community, universities and other institutions, and area nonprofits. The tools include providing educational materials, information, incentives, and other resources to encourage alternatives to driving alone.
  4. Other topics for discussion.