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Applications Overview Map
This tool is used for researching Planning Department Applications in general geographic areas of the community. When you click on the map it will give list all applications in a 1/4 of a 1/4 section. This includes all applications submitted to the Planning Department including those that are in process of review, and ones that have been approved, denied or withdrawn. This is a good tool to use if you are looking for information on what has been approved in the area around a specific location.
Finance Warranty Bonds
Search for information regarding sureties posted for development improvements.
GIS Viewer
The GIS Viewer is the base web mapping application for the City of Lincoln and Lancaster County. The GIS Viewer allows users to search for property related information by owner, address, or parcel id number. A user may also click on a desired property to view the information.
Development Viewer
The Development Viewer provides a wealth of special permit, use permit, zoning agreement, annexation agreement, floodplain, special district and zoning information with links to filed documents when applicable. The information is all readily available in this web-based GIS application and should prove to be a valuable resource to appraisers, developers and their professional consultants, lenders, realtors, business owners, neighbors, multiple government entities, and citizens in general.
Open Data
Open Data offers a variety of mapping choices, including data files, printable maps and interactive maps.
Homeowner / Neighborhood Association
The Homeowner/Neighborhood Association site provides users with a quick and easy way to find and view information related to Homeowners Associations and Neighborhood Associations within the City of Lincoln and Lancaster County. A search by Association name or map interaction will return a list of contacts by Association.
Planning Application Tracking Service (PATS)
The Planning Application Tracking Service (better known as PATS) is another tool that can be used to help find a project by area or, if you know the specific application number, it will pull all the information related to that application by simply inputting the number. If you see a yellow zoning sign on a property check the map in the PATS to see what kind of development is being proposed.
Plat Name List
Recorded and/or "In Process" Administrative Final Plats, Final Plats, and Preliminary Plats.
Sectional Plat Maps
Downloadable/ Printable Maps through the map.
Street Directory
Find a street in Lincoln or Lancaster County. Type in the street name and get both a description of where the street is located as well as a map.
Use Groups Search Tool
Search for a use and find out what zoning districts that use is permitted to locate in. This tool also allows you to see all of the uses permitted in any given zoning district.
Zoning Signs
This is a map of where zoning signs are posted. Click on a zoning sign to see the information associated with the project.