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2005 Downtown Master Plan

Study Scope & Purpose

In conjunction with the Downtown Lincoln Association (DLA), and the City's Urban Development Department (UDD), the Planning Department has embarked upon the formulation of a "Downtown Master Plan" for Downtown Lincoln. The purpose of this Master Plan study effort is to identify major land use and development policies for Downtown Lincoln. This includes delineating a number of land use activity zones and the interrelationships between each zone. The policies derived from this study are intended to support the role of the Downtown as set forth in the adopted City-County Comprehensive Plan. This planning process will include consideration of a range of Downtown area transportation issues including options for localized transit shuttle services and the potential for bikeway corridors within the Downtown area.

Study Process & Timing

The Scope of Work for this study involves a four-phased analysis approach designed to engage the community in helping to define the future role and vision for Downtown Lincoln.

The study process begins with the collection of essential base information regarding the physical characteristics of Lincoln's Downtown and the soliciting of key thoughts and issues from Downtown stakeholders. In the second phase, a series of alternative futures for Downtown Lincoln are crafted and made available for public review. Based upon the comments and ideas received from the community, the alternatives are refined in Phase 3 and result in a single Master Plan for Downtown.

Phase 4 involves two supplemental efforts targeting specific Downtown transportation issues namely, the development of a Downtown Bicycle Facilities Plan and a Downtown Transit Shuttle Plan. While these efforts are described as "supplemental", work on the studies will conducted at the same time as the Downtown Master Plan is being formulated.

Supervising the study effort is the Downtown Action Team. This group is composed of twenty two individuals representing a wide range of Downtown and community interests. They will be working closely with staff and the firm of Crandall Arambula, who has been retained to assist in this study process.

The community will have numerous opportunities to provide their insights into the Downtown master planning process. The Scope of Work includes a series of workshops open to the entire community. These workshops will allow for the exchange of ideas about how Downtown should look in the future and the role it should play in the long term development of the City.

The study will run through the first half of calendar 2005 when a draft Master Plan document is expected to be available for review.