Department employees and interns have poured over historical documents and online archives to gather information on our chiefs. Follow the link under each name to learn more about the men who led the Lincoln Police Department to what it is today.


Marshal Richardson1870-1871
Marshal A.E. Hastings1871-1872
Marshal John McManigal1872-1873
Marshal Brad Ringer1873-1874
Marshal Phillip Cooper1874-1877
Marshal Thomas Carr1877-1879


Chief Irving Lyman1879-1881
Chief Luther Byer 1882-1884
Chief Chambers Beach 1884-1886
Chief Phillip Cooper 1887-1888
Chief William Carder 1888-1889
Chief Samuel Melick1890-1891
Chief Oliver Dinges1891-1892
Chief Louis Otto1892-1893
Chief Phillip Cooper1893-1895
Chief Samuel Melick1895-1898
Chief James Parker1898-1899
Chief Henry Hoagland1899-1903
Chief Olen Routzahn1903-1904
Chief Phillip Cooper1905-1909
Chief Fred Rickard1909-1909
Chief James Malone 1909-1911
Chief Ernest Hunger1911-1913
Chief James Malone1914-1915
Chief Howard Antles1915-1916
Chief James Malone1916-1919
Chief Peter Johnstone1919-1930
Chief Walter Anderson1930-1933
Chief William Condit1933-1935
Chief Walter Anderson1935-1941
Chief Joe Carroll1941-1975
Chief George Hansen1975-1978
Chief B. Dean Leitner1979-1988
Chief Allen Curtis1988-1993
Chief Tom Casady1994-2011
Chief Jim Peschong2011-2016
Chief Jeff Bliemeister2016-present