Volunteer of the Year 2018

Susan Trollier

Susan Trollier has been a Lincoln Police Department volunteer since the fall of 2016. In the period since then, she has established herself as an indispensable part of the Education & Personnel Unit. Sue has worked on numerous projects, including Quality Service Audits, LPD's evaluation of our mental health referral program, the department's racial profiling analysis and a project evaluating department staffing levels. She enters data, edits reports and recommends changes to projects. In addition, she assists with background investigations by sending out questionnaires and filing responses. Her work has been critical in helping the Education & Personnel Unit meet hiring deadlines.

Additionally, Sue has willingly worked on a wide variety of projects that have also benefitted other units. For example, she listened to jail phone calls that assisted officers in pursuing charges in felony investigations. She entered and cleaned survey data for the Victim Assistance Unit, thereby allowing its staff to evaluate and improve the quality of their services. Sue entered data for the Gang Unit's Operation Tipping Point project, data that would have never been entered due to staffing shortages. She has tirelessly proofread reports and documents for the Mental Health Association and LPD, which expedited publishing.

Although her work as a volunteer with LPD is impressive in its own right, it's Sue's personality and work ethic that truly set her apart. She never complains, always exceeds expectations and consistently improves the quality of projects by voicing her opinion. If Sue believes that a document needs rewording or project goals need clarification, her supervisor makes those changes, as he trusts her judgement. Sue's diligence and relentless productivity have allowed her supervisor and others in the E&P Unit, to assume additional responsibilities and projects. Her supervisor sums up Sue's performance in one statement: "I have supervised roughly seventy people in the last two years as Resource Coordinator. Sue is in the top 1% of my volunteer corps."

The Awards Committee recognizes that Susan Trollier is one of LPD's most treasured assets, is equally grateful for her volunteer service to the department and is proud to name her the 2018 LPD Volunteer of the Year.