The purpose of the Lincoln/Lancaster County Responsible Hospitality Council is to provide a vehicle for discussing common concerns and identifying creative solutions for problems that occur with the sale and/or service of alcohol within our community.

The Council is a community coalition of diverse perspectives interested in the responsible sale and/or service of alcohol.

The Lincoln/Lancaster County Responsible Hospitality Council will maintain a balance of diverse perspectives among its membership. Representation will be recruited from, but not limited to, the following groups: law enforcement, education, public health, public officials, citizen advocacy, alcohol retailers and wholesalers, hotel and motel management, civic organizations, substance abuse professionals, neighborhood associations, and insurance representatives.

As issues are identified and discussed, Council members will work to achieve group consensus. Confrontational discussions will remain respectful, recognizing that all perspectives represented are valid.


1. To increase community awareness of responsible beverage service concepts and practices.
2. To advise public decision-makers on policy issues related to the sale and/or service of alcohol.
3. To identify and promote community norms and standards regarding the sale and/or service of alcohol.
4. To identify and implement positive incentives for those licenses who practice responsible beverage service concepts.


The Community Covenant for Responsible Beverage Service was developed by the membership of the RHC. The document was finalized and released only when the collective council reached consensus on the responsible beverage service practices described in the covenant.


Responsible Hospitality Council
555 S 10th Street
Lincoln, NE 68508
Phone: 402.441.7638