The six high schools and twelve middle schools in the Lincoln Public Schools system are provided police services by a School Resource Officer (SRO). The SRO is a specialized position within the Lincoln Police Department, which assigns an officer to a school as his or her beat area. This specialized assignment allows the SRO an opportunity to develop relationships with students and staff, and provides time for the SRO to focus on individual school needs.

School Resource Officers have been part of the Lincoln Police Department and Lincoln Public Schools since 1971. The numbers of officers assigned to the schools has varied during the more than 47 year history, but the communication, building relationships in advance of unthinkable events, sharing experiences in the classroom and being another positive influence has remained consistent.

Today, the men and women featured below are the SROs in Lincoln public schools. They are husbands, wives, parents, members of our community, and officers who have a passion to serve kids. Their roles are distinct from the administrative disciplinary process. They receive advanced training through the National Association of School Resource Officers, in partnership with Region V in a 40 hour Behavioral Health Assessment Training, on implicit bias, and cultural competency. De-escalation skills are part of most of the 40 hours of mandated training our officers receive each year. By policy and practice, they employ discretion, recognizing that every time we are called to quell a disturbance doesn't need to result in a referral to Juvenile Court.

LPS and LPD agree that student discipline practices and referrals to the juvenile justice system need to be closely monitored to ensure fair and equitable treatment for all LPS students. All parties acknowledge that crime prevention is most effective when LPS, LPD, parents, behavioral health professionals, and the community are working in a positive and collaborative manner. Ultimately, this builds positive relationships leading to better student outcomes.

High School SROs

Officer Stumbo

East High School

Officer Tom Stumbo has been an officer with Lincoln Police Department since May of 1997. Officer Stumbo is originally from Falls City, Nebraska and received a bachelor's degree in psychology from University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He also assists with teaching Emergency Vehicle Driving in the LPD training academy and is a member of the Field Force Team. Tom is married with two sons and two step-daughters. E-mail Officer Stumbo

Officer Tran

Lincoln High School

Officer Phillip Tran was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska. He has been an officer with Lincoln Police Department since May of 2009. Officer Tran received a bachelor's degree in criminal justice from the University of Nebraska-Omaha. Officer Tran is currently a captain in the NE Air National Guard and has served since 2002. He is married with two children and in his free time enjoys golfing and snowboarding. E-mail Officer Tran

Officer Duncan

Northeast High School

Officer Ryan Duncan has been an officer with Lincoln Police since 2009. Officer Duncan was an investigator in the Special Victims Unit from 2015-2017 and has experience working cases involving children. He brings a positive outlook and approachable demeanor. He develops an excellent rapport with people of all ages and backgrounds which is an asset as a police officer and within the school system.
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Officer Nelson

North Star High School

Officer David Nelson has been a police officer since 2000 and joined the Lincoln Police Department in 2004. Through the years, Officer Nelson has worked various positions throughout the department to include the Narcotics Unit and other target specific action teams. He is also a field training officer, Honor Guard member and an instructor for several specialized disciplines. Officer Nelson is currently in the Air National Guard and enjoys fitness, board sports, and traveling with his family. E-mail Officer Nelson

Officer Holm

Southeast High School

Officer Mike Holm graduated from UNL with a bachelor's degree in criminal justice. He has been an officer with LPD since June 1992 and has been a field training officer and a high school SRO at Northeast, Southeast and Southwest High Schools. Mike is married and has four children. Officer Holm has enjoyed working in the Lincoln Public School system in the past and looks forward to developing new relationships with LSE students and staff. Go Knights! E-mail Officer Holm

Officer Russell

Southwest High School

Officer Lynette Russell graduated from the University of Nebraska with a criminal justice degree and graduated Nebraska Wesleyan with a master's degree in forensic science. She has been a Lincoln police officer since 1998 and has worked as a street officer, Family Crimes investigator and a criminal investigator. She has also been a member of the Crime Scene Investigation Team since 2005 and is a field training officer. Officer Russell is married and has two children. She enjoys spending time with her family and outdoors activities. She is excited to work with Lincoln Public Schools and to meet students and staff. E-mail Officer Russell

Middle School SROs

Officer Rennerfeldt

Culler & Lefler Middle Schools

Officer Jon Rennerfeldt has been in law enforcement since 2002, encompassing two states. He has bachelor degrees in biology and philosophy and a master's degree in forensic science. Officer Rennerfeldt is a member of the Crime Scene Unit, Accident Reconstruction Team and is a drug recognition expert (DRE). Jon is married with two children. E-mail Officer Rennerfeldt

Officer Ference

Dawes & Mickle Middle Schools

Officer Riley Ference graduated from Nebraska Wesleyan with a degree in social work, criminal justice, and religion. She has been a member of the department since 2013. Officer Ference enjoys working with children and families in need. Officer Ference is an approachable and easy going person. She enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and outdoor activities. E-mail Officer Ference

Officer Roh

Goodrich & Schoo Middle Schools

Officer Rick Roh has been with the Lincoln Police Department since June of 2003. Rick graduated from UNO with a BA in journalism/public relations. He spent the majority of his career working the night shift. Rick has served as a field training officer, an internal resource officer, a firearms instructor, a defensive tactics instructor, and is a member of the Field Force. Rick has been married for 24 years, and has three children in college. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with family, sports, and martial arts.
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Officer Nichols

Irving & Pound Middle Schools

Officer Andrew Nichols grew up and graduated high school within the small farming community of Dorchester, Nebraska. He has been a police officer since 2004 and, during that time, has conducted a wide variety of investigations while being proactive as a street officer. He is married and has been blessed with 5 children. His desire as an SRO is to come alongside the Lincoln Public Schools and their staff to help provide the safest learning environment for all students, and in doing so, establish relationships of trust with these students and their families. E-mail Officer Nichols

Officer Pickering

Lux & Moore Middle Schools

Officer Al Pickering has been a Lincoln police officer since 2001. In addition to his duties as an SRO, he is a member of the Field Force Team. Officer Pickering is married and has one child. He enjoys traveling, Husker athletics and attending his son's sporting events. E-mail Officer Pickering

Officer Meade

Park & Scott Middle Schools

Officer Kathryn Meade graduated from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln with a degree in secondary education. She has been a Lincoln police officer since 2014 and has worked on various teams in the city. Officer Meade is married and has a cat and a dog. She enjoys cooking, running, working out and spending time with family. She is looking forward to building relationships with students and staff.
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