The Lincoln Police Department maintains a fleet over 250 vehicles - 145 marked police cars, 55 unmarked cars, and a number of support vehicles. The department also operates 24 bicycles used for patrol functions. Each year, about 175,000 gallons of fuel are used to drive over 2,000,000 miles for all vehicles in our fleet.

Police patrol vehicles are purchased with additional features called a "police package". This includes heavier suspension, cooling system, alternator/wiring, and engine components. This increases the durability and longevity for vehicles used under adverse conditions. All new patrol vehicles come with both driver and front passenger air-bags.

Almost all patrol cars are assigned to more than one officer. Each officer must check the vehicle out prior to their shift and then return it to the police garage, or their team station, upon conclusion of their duties. Officers carry a variety of both department issued, and personally owned equipment in their vehicles to assist them in their jobs.

During the late 1970's, 80's and 90's, several different light bar styles were used including the Jet-sonic and Jet-Stream which used alternating red and white rotating lights. In the early 90's, blue lights were also added to the light bars. In 1998, the department adopted the Federal Vista, which includes intersection clearing lights and strobe lights in addition to rotating halogen lamps.

With the valuable assistance of Clair Lindquist and Dave Thurber, we have compiled a listing of Lincoln Police Department vehicles, with images and bits of related history. Follow the links below to read more.

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