Projects in Study or Design

14th and Highway 6 Safety Improvement Project

14th and Highway 6

Safety Improvement Project

This project will evaluate and provide safety improvements for the on-ramp to eastbound U.S. 6 (Cornhusker Highway) from N. 14th Street in the City of Lincoln. This may include reconstruction of the intersection at N. 14th Street with the eastbound U.S. Highway 6 off-ramp and portions of U.S. Highway 6.


14th & Old Cheney

Intersection Improvement Project

A transportation project in Lincoln, NE transforming 14th Street, Old Cheney Road, and Warlick Boulevard into an elevated roundabout and T-intersection.


N 27th Street and West “O” Street Bridges Over Salt Creek

Bridge Rehabilitation Project

This project would consist of repairs to the existing bridges over Salt Creek at 27th & Fairfield and West “O” near Sun Valley.


33rd & Cornhusker Project

33rd & Cornhusker

The purpose of the project is to identify and evaluate potential transportation improvements in the north portion of Lincoln, with specific attention along the rail corridor between N. 27th and N. 48th streets. The project is currently in the Planning phase.


66th and Fremont

Intersection Safety Project

This project will provide needed safety improvements at the intersection of 66th Street and Fremont Street. The goal of any proposed improvements will be to improve the safety of the intersection.


West “A” Street Improvement Project

West City Limits to Folsom Street

The purpose of this project is to improve the West “A” Street corridor beginning at the West City Limits Line, and extending east to the intersection of Folsom Street.


East Beltway

The East Beltway will constitute the east leg of a circumferential freeway system around Lincoln that will be made up of Interstate 80 to the north, the Homestead Expressway (Hwy 77) to the west, and the South Beltway to the south.


South Beltway

South Beltway (NDOR)

The South Beltway will be a new four-lane freeway across the southern suburban area of Lincoln and Lancaster County.


West Beltway (NDOR)

The South Beltway will be a new four-lane freeway across the southern suburban area of Lincoln and Lancaster County.


Haymarket Street and Streetscape Improvements

Mill and Overlay / Pedestrian Improvements

This project will mill and overlay the streets with new asphalt. Pedestrian curb ramps will be reconstructed to meet Federal and local standards.

  • Estimated Start: Spring 2018


I/I project area thumbnail

Inflow & Infiltration Pilot Study

Wastewater Collection System

The City of Lincoln is working with JEO Consulting Group to conduct a pilot inflow and infiltration study in the area of 28th to 31st Streets from Holdrege to Potter Streets.


US Hwy 6: West O to Cornhusker (NDOR)

This project is studying how to provide an efficient roadway, improve traffic operations, resolve existing roadway deficiencies, and accommodate locally adopted plans for US 6 between West 'O' Street and Cornhusker Highway.