construction of Block 68 project in Downtown Construction of Block 68 -- Downtown housing

Downtown Lincoln is the economic, social, and cultural center of the community. The primary external function of UDD's Administrative Division is Downtown redevelopment and revitalization. UDD Administration Division staff implements plans and strategies, develops policy, and coordinates activities and resources; all to strengthen Downtown. Fortunately, they are not alone in their efforts. Others outside of City government share the goal of Downtown vitality; including the Downtown Lincoln Association (DLA), Lincoln Haymarket Development Corporation (LHDC), business and property owners, and developers.

UDD Admin staff administers the use of Tax Increment Financing (TIF) within the Downtown area: the Haymarket, the Central Business District, and East Downtown/ Antelope Valley. TIF is a local funding tool that supports redevelopment activities. The redevelopment process -- including blight studies, plans, redevelopment agreements, and implementation -- requires substantial involvement by City staff. Redevelopment efforts outside of the Downtown area are handled by Community Development staff.

Downtown projects supported through TIF generally fit within the guiding principles and strategies identified in the Downtown Master Plan and its 2012 Update, the Lincoln Center Redevelopment Plan, and the Antelope Valley Redevelopment Plan.

Day-to-day management and maintenance of Downtown Lincoln is handled by the Downtown Lincoln Association (DLA). Using funds generated through the Downtown Business Improvement Districts (BIDs), the City contracts with DLA to maintain and beautify Downtown and to provide sustained marketing that promotes the area.