Pershing Center Invitation for Redevelopment Proposals & Project Summary

The City of Lincoln has released a national Invitation for Redevelopment Proposals (IFRP) for the Pershing Center Site in Downtown Lincoln. The IFRP is open to public, private, and/or non-profit entities.

The City owns the Pershing Center block. Located between Centennial Mall and 16th Street and M and N streets, Pershing Center was the City's main auditorium for over 50 years, but times and technology change.

In 2013, Lincoln completed a new $340 million, 16,500 seat arena which replaced Pershing Center. While Pershing Center is no longer needed as an entertainment center, its strategic location is full of potential and in a vital part of Downtown. In 2016, over $12 million of public & private investment renovated Nebraska's Centennial Mall and created the N Street Protected Cycle Track, both of which abut the Pershing Center site.

Developers are invited to consider the wide range of possibilities for the Pershing Center project and submit redevelopment proposals. Possible options include: use of all or part of the site, private or public uses or a combination, one user or multiple users, new construction or reuse of the existing building. Whatever shape the Pershing Center project takes, Downtown Lincoln is an excellent investment.

If you have questions about this opportunity, please check with our project contacts.

Prior Plans and Studies

City of Lincoln has adopted a 2018 Lincoln Downtown Master Plan, which establishes a blueprint for the development of Downtown Lincoln for the next 20 years.

In 2009, the City of Lincoln completed the Pershing Adaptive Reuse and Site (PARS) Study. The PARS was an early first step in examining the possible reuses of the building and site. The study may still be helpful as developers explore the many ways this site could be developed.