Surplus City Properties

If a property is owned by the City, it can only be sold after it is declared surplus. You can request a property be declared surplus by contacting the City's Real Estate Office. That begins a process involving all City departments, utility companies, the Planning Commission, City Council and the Mayor. Please note that, if the property is declared surplus, the person originally requesting it to be declared surplus may not be the only one wanting to buy it. Sales of all properties over $10,000 are subject to City Council approval.

Interactive Map Overview of Surplus Properties
For the map legend, click on the double arrows in the upper left corner. For map with further details, click here.

Note: The interactive map is being revised, so there may be instances when it is unavailable. If you cannot wait and re-try the map later, you can contact the City Real Estate & Relocation Assistance Agent at 402-441-8617 or via .