image of New and old Val's on Holdrege and 35th Streets Holdrege St Valentino's relocated to new Phase One Building as part of Holdrege-Idylwild Redevelopment Project.

As the Redevelopment Authority for the City of Lincoln, the Urban Development Department works to encourage private investment in projects that strengthen Lincoln in both economic and "brick and mortar" aspects. The redevelopment tools available to the City, as defined by the State of Nebraska's Community Development Law, include:

The City Council and the Planning Commission review redevelopment activities at several points in the redevelopment process. In addition to regularly reviewing the City Council and Planning Commission agendas, UDD's Redevelopment Schedule lists any major phases of redevelopment under public consideration: blight designation, redevelopment plan and amendment approvals, and redevelopment agreements. For older actions, please refer to the City Clerk's Document Management Search.