Neighborhood Focus Area Action Plans

In Lincoln, a Focus Area Action Plan is a neighborhood revitalization strategy that concentrates resources in a 12 to 30 block-sized Focus Area. This strategy acheives significant, visible results in 3 to 5 years, increases confidence in the area, and encourages private investment. To have a Focus Area, a neighborhood must:

  • be located in a low and moderate income area
  • show signs of decline such as deterioration of housing or public facilities
  • have a neighborhood association that wants a Focus Area and that is committed to working with the City to make improvements
  • be a visible area, near busy streets, public institutions (such as schools) or commercial areas
  • be identified as an area of concern by other City departments

The following Focus Area Action Plans are available for review in PDF format. If you need help accessing PDF's, go to the InterLinc Help page.