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Specification For Public/Private Partnership
For The City/County Internet Web Site "Interlinc"
1.1 The City of Lincoln and Lancaster County seek to establish Public/Private Partnerships in an effort to promote "InterLinc," the City/County Internet web site.
1.2 We have established InterLinc as the "24 hour City Hall" for City/County Governmental service delivery.
1.3 It is our hope to enter into agreements with various media to help facilitate the distribution of information about our WEB site, and the services available through the site.
2.1 InterLinc currently consists of more than 45,000 pages of information regarding City and County Offices.
2.2 In addition, many of these pages represent entry points to millions of lines of information that is currently accessible via the internet.
2.3 Some examples of the types of information and services that are available are: e-payments, GIS mapping, real estate and tax information, employment opportunities, accident reports, crime statistics and information regarding legislative meetings, agendas and minutes of previous meetings.
2.4 InterLinc currently has more than 12 million hits per month, and we have exceeded 11 million dollars of e-commerce activity.
2.5 It should be noted that both the number of pages and corresponding monthly hits are constantly growing.
3.1 The City and County are committed to cross promoting each Corporate PartnerÂ’s by:
3.1.1 Placing their logo on the InterLinc home page.
3.1.2 Including their logo on all signs distributed at each of the public access terminals located throughout Lincoln.
3.1.3 General InterLinc promotional materials will be distributed bearing the logos of the corporate partners as deemed appropriate by the City.
3.1.4 It is our intention to display promotional advertisements on both internal and external StarTran buses (the number of buses is not determined at this time). As is the case with the handout materials, bus advertising materials would also bear the logo of our Corporate Partners.
3.1.5 InterLinc will also display corporate logos on InterLinc promotional material on the government access channel, 5 City-TV.
3.1.6 Only Project Partners' logos will be placed on the InterLinc home page. The City reserves the right to list other media links on the second level, general links page of InterLinc. Project Partners who are members of the media would be included in both the Project Partners link and the Media link.
4.1 The duration of this alliance shall be one year (with the option to renew the arrangement for two additional one year periods) from the time that a memorandum of agreement is finalized.
5.1 Please complete the attached questionnaire and feel free to attach additional sheets as necessary.
5.2 On your company letterhead, please list any additional information or ideas you may have to provide a successful program.
5.2.1 Any information is deemed confidential.
5.3 These responses will be utilized to select our project partners.
6.1 Sealed proposals will be received by the City of Lincoln, Nebraska on or before 12:00 noon Wednesday, November 29, 2006, in the office of the Purchasing Agent, Suite 200, K Street Complex, Southwest Wing, 440 South 8th Street, Lincoln, Nebraska 68508.
6.2 Proposals will be publicly opened at the K Street Complex, reading only the names and the firms submitting proposals.

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