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Welcome to Fire Station 4, home of Engine 4 and Reserve Medic 24. We are located on the northeast corner of 27th and Old Cheney. The firefighters of Station 4 have been committed to serving the citizens of Lincoln for many years and look forward to delivering the same quality of care for years to come.

In November 1990, in response to city growth, Lincoln Fire & Rescue Fire Station 4 was built and put into service. With the steady growth since the station was built, call volume has increased. Calls for service include fire suppression, emergency medical services, hazardous materials, swift water rescue as well as many other emergent and non-emergent incidents. If someone has a problem, we are here to help.

As with all Lincoln fire stations, Station 4 is staffed 24/7 with 4 firefighters. Engine 4 is staffed by a captain, a driver and 2 firefighters; 3 of which are EMTís and 1 paramedic. Also housed in our facility is Reserve Medic 24. Reserve Medic 24 is a reserve medic unit that can be put into service by Station 4 staff when all other front-line medic units in the city are unable to respond due to the fact that they are on other calls. Engine 4 serves a 13 square mile area in South Lincoln as a first in response and/or anywhere in the city depending on the type of call.

Engine 4 firefighters are involved in non-emergency activities in addition to emergency response. We provide fire safety education and basic aid training (first aid) to students. We provide station tours for anyone who wishes to visit our station. We have our annual business inspections which gives us an opportunity to visit all the businesses in our area. If you are seeking shelter or safe harbor, Station 4, along with all fire stations across the city, is a designated safe house; a place where you will be well cared for and your problems addressed. The personnel of Station 4 are committed to quality service and always prepared to serve and protect the citizens of our community.

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