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The original Station 6 was built in 1929 and was located at 47th and Prescott streets in the College View neighborhood.

When Union College was built back in 1891, it was constructed on a hill that overlooked the city. This was a very popular attraction for the citizens of Lincoln; they would take the trolley from the downtown area to College View to have a picnic or to enjoy the scenery. Young people from the college wanted to earn some money and they thought of the idea of selling bags of peanuts to the visitors to make a little extra money, thus the area was nicknamed Peanut Hill.

The current Lincoln Fire & Rescue Station 6 was built in 1979 at 5051 South 48th Street and housed Engine 6. In 2000 when LF&R took over the ambulance service, Medic 6 was added to Station 6 to cover the South edge of Lincoln, along with responding into the county. The engine company is staffed with a captain, fire apparatus operator, firefighter paramedic, and a firefighter. The medic unit is staffed with a firefighter paramedic and a firefighter.

Engine 6 covers the area from approximately South Street as the Northern border, the city limits as the Southern and Eastern borders, and to 14th Street on the West edge of Lincoln.

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